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Parad Shivling is made of Mercury and silver and is very solid and heavy. Normally, Mercury neither dissolves in water nor remains stable at one place. Due to this property of Mercury, it becomes very difficult to make anything solid with mercury. But, the combination of Mercury and silver solidifies in the form of Parad Shivlingam. It is a very exceptional Tantric item.

Parad Shivling is made from purest Mercury (Parad).Parad or Mercury is considered most pure, auspicious and mysterious metal due to its peculiar and unique properties. Symbolically, it is considered as the sperm (seed) of Lord Shiva.

Parad Shivling (Padrasam) is a rare tantric product. It is used for Sadhna and if one concentrates on it and uses it for worshipping; nearly all of his wishes are supposed to be fulfilled. It is written by ancient saints that worship of Mercury Shivlingis advisable for cure of disease, in addition to medicine. Parad Shivling (Rasalingam) symbolizes Lord Mahamrityunjaya Shiva – the conqueror of Death. It makes an individual free from fear of death, deadly diseases and severe dangers. It also goads its worshiper towards holiness and spirituality, health and chivalry.

Significance of Parad Shivling (Mercury Shivling):

Parad Shivling brings attachment and love among the couple. It annihilates problems, anxieties, stresses, ego, etc. of its worshipers. Parad Shivling (Rasalingam) is religiously able to bring back a person in normal life from a life intimidating situation. It protects the person from accidents and diseases. It also safeguards from ill effects of Kaal Sarp Dosha, Mangalik Dosha, Planetary defects.

It eliminates misfortunes and brings good luck and success in life. It fulfills the wishes and dreams of a person. It also removes the fear and bad dreams. It brings peace of mind eliminating restlessness, depression, mental instability and anxiety. It brings back courage and self-confidence. It brings back lost faith and mental & physical strength that derives success for you. Parad Shivling removes all sins. It enables us to be free from sorrows and struggles.

Parad Shivling Benefits:

Parad Shivlingam (Rasalingam) brings prosperity and wealth in the house.

By keeping this Mercury Shivling, you will not face any shortage of food, money or clothes in your house.

Parad Shivlingam brings peace and harmony in your house.

If you kept Parad Shivlingam in bedroom, it brings love and understanding among the couples.

Mercury Shivling helps in curing many diseases like high blood pressure, asthma, heart problems and helps to increase your confidence level.

Parad Shivling helps to remove evil eye effect, black magic and planetary effects.

ParadShivling (Padrasam) may help in getting salvation.

Parad (Mercury) Shivling helps to remove VastuDosha (Vastu anomaly), grahapeeda (pains and sufferings due to planets) and accomplish four goals in human life-religion, health, desire, and salvation.